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Audio Clip Courses

Working? Housewife? Other commitments?
Don't worry. Al Kamaliyyah offers a structured course designed specifically around your needs and level, using our unique online system.

By using this type of course, anyone can learn anything that we have to offer, regardless of their commitments or lifestyle. Here's how:

In 3 Convenient Steps

1.) Record yourself

You record your voice and send the audio clip from within the web browser. Then you just wait for a teacher to listen and reply to your clip.

2.) Wait for reply

When a teacher has listened to your audio clip they will record their reply and send it. You will get an email notification telling you about this.

3.) Listen and repeat

You return to the course section where the teacher's reply will be waiting for you to listen to. After listening to it as many times as you want, you repeat step 1 and send another audio clip. This process is constantly repeated till you have efficiently learned the subject at hand.

Audio & Video Call Courses

Want to take it a step further? With these courses you can engage on a one to one audio or video call with one of our teachers from right within your browser! Using new emerging web technologies, we are the first institute in all of UK to offer our users the ability to learn like this.

Each user is given a specefic time slot to learn from our teachers and all you need is a supported device.

Also in 3 Convenient Steps

Purchase course type

Securely purchase the type of desired course, audio or video call using our simple, easy, fast and convenient payment system.

If Audio Call

If you purchased an audio call course, simply be in the audio call section of the website at the right date and time to engage with one of our teacher.

If Video Call

If you purchased a video call course, simply be in the video call section of the website at the right date and time to engage with one of our teacher.

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